The Standing Wheelbarrow

The standing wheelbarrow is one of the more challenging positions on the menu. It requires a good deal of strength and coordination, and should probably be left to the more athletic couples. For those looking for a fun and sexy challenge, though, it should prove memorable. A rear-entry position, it will likely remind many men and women of the tried-and-true doggystyle position, only with a demanding twist. The Standing Wheelbarrow description To achieve… Learn more »

The Frog

The Frog somewhat recalls the reverse cowgirl position. Like that classic, it involves the woman being on top and doing the lion’s share of the movement. The Frog description To get in the frog position, the man should begin by sitting upright on the edge of a bed or couch. His feet should be flat on the ground and his back straight but relaxed. Next, the women should move in between his legs… Learn more »

The Splitting Bamboo

The splitting Bamboo is one sex position that many couples just can’t stop raving about once they try it. It offes a unique stimulation angle that both men and women tend to find note-worthy and very enjoyable. The Splitting Bamboo description To assume the splitting bamboo position, the woman should lie down flat on her back on a bed or other comfortable surface, such as a couch or futon. The man then moves… Learn more »

The Plough

The plough is a compelling — if somewhat demanding — variation on the classic rear-entry, doggy-style position. It requires a fair amount of upper-body lifting strength on the part of the man, but offers deep penetration and an excellent, potentially g-spot-stimulating attack angle. The Plough description To get in the plough position, the woman should lie face down on a bed, table or other similar surface. The man then moves in close between… Learn more »

The Lustful Leg

The very much lustful leg. On the picture you can see why it is called like that. This is a very sexy sex position that you can practice everywhere because you are both standing and you do not even have to take off all of your clothes. The woman must be quite flexible to do it! The Lustful Leg description Both of you are standing, the woman raises her leg up and leans… Learn more »

The Landslide

The Landslide sex position is a very easy sex position but not one to use on the first time. This position is for the lazy women and men who want to be in control. Probably the best place for this sex position is either on the bed or the floor. Using a lot of lubrication makes this position a lot more fun than without! The Landslide description The picture should say it all… Learn more »

The G-Force

The G-force sex position, the name says it all. This is the best sex position for g-spot simulation. If you can not get it together to simulate her g-spot then you must try this position. And if this one does not help then don’t be sad. It most likely not your fault (still might be though). The G-Force description Maybe a bit uncomfortable sex position for the woman but certainly very satisfying. The… Learn more »

The Butterfly

The Butterfly sex position, again no idea why it is called the butterfly sex position. Maybe you will see some butterfly’s while doing it but other than that I guess there is not much butterflying on it. The Butterfly description She lies on her back while the man is standing. Either on a table or a high bed if you have one. With her legs up he lifts her up a bit from… Learn more »

The Ape

The Ape sex position, not a very easy sex position but it is very good for deep penetration. No idea why it is called the ape position. I’m pretty sure that monkey’s do not have sex in a position like this. A bit more challenging sex position! The Ape description The man should lie on his back. He can lie on the bed, couch or floor. Whatever he prefers. With his legs up… Learn more »

The Super 8

The Super 8 is a very easy sex position. Probably the most basic one there is. There is a big chance that the first time you ever had sex was in this position. Can’t imagine that there is someone that has not tried this one yet!   The Super 8 description The woman lies on the on the bed, floor or couch with her legs slightly spread. The man lies on top of… Learn more »

The Clasp

The Clasp is a very sexy sex position, it is quite difficult for the man as he needs to be very strong to be able to lift the woman and have sex while holding her in the air. It might make a bit easier if the woman rests against the wall instead of completely hanging in the air. The Clasp description This is a very difficult sex position for the man. It is… Learn more »

The Candle

The candle is a quite difficult sex position for the woman, keeping her legs up might be of a challenge. On the other hand this is a very satisfying sex position and also suited for anal sex! The Candle description In this position the man is in control for the most part. The woman is lying on her back with her bottom raised from the ground. The man is on his knees facing… Learn more »

The Rider

The Rider, another woman on top sex position! While having the control she also has free hands to do what she pleases! Easy for the lazy man and good for the control needy women. The Rider description Again a sex position for the lazy men and for the woman who wants have the control in her hands! He lies on the bed while she rides him facing away. In this rider sex position… Learn more »

The Supernova

The Supernova, a very satisfying position for the man and woman. While the man is lying on the bed he does not have to do very much else but to just enjoy it! The Supernova description The supernova is definitely a finishing position. Almost half of the man’s body should be hanging from the bed. This forces the blood to go to his head and he will most likely climax in a much… Learn more »

Doggy Style

Doggy style is definitely one of the most popular sex positions existing today. It is easy and very satisfying! Doggy style description The man kneels while holding the hips of the woman. The woman should be in a dog-like position bent over with arms straight. She might also want to lean on her elbows for a deeper penetration. If she likes spanking this is a perfect position to do that also. Be sure… Learn more »