Sex Positions: Conceive Baby

The G-Force

The G-force sex position, the name says it all. This is the best sex position for g-spot simulation. If you can not get it together to simulate her g-spot then you must try this position. And if this one does not help then don’t be sad. It most likely not your fault (still might be though). The G-Force description Maybe a bit uncomfortable sex position for the woman but certainly very satisfying. The… Learn more »

The Super 8

The Super 8 is a very easy sex position. Probably the most basic one there is. There is a big chance that the first time you ever had sex was in this position. Can’t imagine that there is someone that has not tried this one yet!   The Super 8 description The woman lies on the on the bed, floor or couch with her legs slightly spread. The man lies on top of… Learn more »

The Candle

The candle is a quite difficult sex position for the woman, keeping her legs up might be of a challenge. On the other hand this is a very satisfying sex position and also suited for anal sex! The Candle description In this position the man is in control for the most part. The woman is lying on her back with her bottom raised from the ground. The man is on his knees facing… Learn more »