Sex Positions: Woman on Top

The Frog

The Frog somewhat recalls the reverse cowgirl position. Like that classic, it involves the woman being on top and doing the lion’s share of the movement. The Frog description To get in the frog position, the man should begin by sitting upright on the edge of a bed or couch. His feet should be flat on the ground and his back straight but relaxed. Next, the women should move in between his legs… Learn more »

The Ape

The Ape sex position, not a very easy sex position but it is very good for deep penetration. No idea why it is called the ape position. I’m pretty sure that monkey’s do not have sex in a position like this. A bit more challenging sex position! The Ape description The man should lie on his back. He can lie on the bed, couch or floor. Whatever he prefers. With his legs up… Learn more »

The Rider

The Rider, another woman on top sex position! While having the control she also has free hands to do what she pleases! Easy for the lazy man and good for the control needy women. The Rider description Again a sex position for the lazy men and for the woman who wants have the control in her hands! He lies on the bed while she rides him facing away. In this rider sex position… Learn more »

The Supernova

The Supernova, a very satisfying position for the man and woman. While the man is lying on the bed he does not have to do very much else but to just enjoy it! The Supernova description The supernova is definitely a finishing position. Almost half of the man’s body should be hanging from the bed. This forces the blood to go to his head and he will most likely climax in a much… Learn more »