Sex Positions: Easy

The Landslide

The Landslide sex position is a very easy sex position but not one to use on the first time. This position is for the lazy women and men who want to be in control. Probably the best place for this sex position is either on the bed or the floor. Using a lot of lubrication makes this position a lot more fun than without! The Landslide description The picture should say it all… Learn more »

The Super 8

The Super 8 is a very easy sex position. Probably the most basic one there is. There is a big chance that the first time you ever had sex was in this position. Can’t imagine that there is someone that has not tried this one yet!   The Super 8 description The woman lies on the on the bed, floor or couch with her legs slightly spread. The man lies on top of… Learn more »

Doggy Style

Doggy style is definitely one of the most popular sex positions existing today. It is easy and very satisfying! Doggy style description The man kneels while holding the hips of the woman. The woman should be in a dog-like position bent over with arms straight. She might also want to lean on her elbows for a deeper penetration. If she likes spanking this is a perfect position to do that also. Be sure… Learn more »